Midnight Swing

it's about more than the music...

Welcome to the swingy-hot summer of 1939. It's Hollywood's most glamorous year; a shimmering time when jazz dazzles, swing is king and dance halls across the nation are hopping. Lording over all of this are the boys in the band.

Teddy Arnold and His Blue Boys Band are on the verge of busting out of their home base of Ohio. Romance passion and lust run rampant through their lives, not only in their sexual awakenings but in the very music they strive to make their mark with.


Set during a time when America was about to lose its innocence.  Midnight Swing explores that one brief

beautiful moment we all have before we realize we are on the other side of adulthood.

1939 America mirrors the innocence, naivete´ and hope of our characters.